Well, after a long slog Events is almost done.

An Alpha version has been submitted to BukkitDev and is awaiting approval. Of course, since uploading it I’ve added many new lines of code but that’s normal.

I’m hoping to have a version I’m happy with (although not completely ready) released within the next few days.

Events can be considered as Mobs‘ big brother. The config has been improved, not only to make it much simpler and more readable, but also to offer more possibilities for the admin. While I am currently creating documentation for it I feel pretty confident that most of it is pretty self-explanatory.

While Mobs focused on living creatures Events offers access to almost all Minecraft events, so performing actions when a player places a block or it starts raining are now possible.

What will be missing from the initial releases

The version awaiting approval is not recommended for general use. While most of the features are in there are working, there is a lot of plumbing missing. Most importantly, this release is missing most of the events that give the plugin its name!

The next release will be a Beta one, and this one will include all the events but only working as triggers.

When an event that you’re interested in happens the plugin goes through the config and performs the actions you have specified (taking into account conditions and whatnot). There doesn’t need to be any logical link between the event and the actions. This means you can kill a player on one side of the world when a creeper spawns on the other, if you like.

However, most events contain relevant data. For example, when a mob creates a portal the event not only contains the data about who and where, but also the blocks involved. The mob-spawns event contains the reason the mob spawned (by a slime splitting, etc.)

What I will be adding after the first Beta is a way to access all this relevant data, as targets, conditions, and variables.