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Introducing Source Servers


I’m pleased to announce to release of a new app for Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1 called Source Severs.

This is a simple but handy app that lets you collect all your favourite Source servers (like TF2, CS:S, L4D, etc.) in one place and quickly see which map is on each and how many players are online.

It’s a free ad-supported app with the option to remove the ads permanently for a small fee, and both Windows Desktop and Phone versions are included in the same price.

You can find the desktop version here and the phone version here.

Site updated!

After hours of Internet trawling, scraps of paper covered with scribblings, and multiple installations I can finally say the site is updated and close to how I want it.

There are a few new pages to see and hopefully all the information you could need is easily available.

There are also forums now, so feel free to register and let me know what you think!

Events b4

The project is coming along nicely and most of the difficult things are now done.

The major improvement in this version is the addition of mob-data, which is a system of variables stored on mobs or players. What this means is you can assign your own variables to a mob when it spawns and use those in any further event. For example, you might want to give every 10th zombie a variable when it spawns and check for this variable when it dies. If you find it you can drop better loot.

You can also keep track of how many mobs a player has killed and reward/punish accordingly.


As always, the docs can be found here and the project page here.